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molded flange

Making Things Work with What You Have

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” —George S. Patton It started out as an industrial cleaning job inside the confined space of a 6000-gallon fiberglass storage tank. The tank was one of two identical tanks connected by fill piping at the…

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oily dust debris, summer shutdown

Summer Shutdowns—a Time for Industrial Cleaning

What industrial facilities refer to as “summer shutdowns” may have started when Henry Ford created his first assembly line in 1913. With his automobile workers, daydreaming about summer and the beautiful weather outside, began skipping work, being as clever as he was, Henry Ford scheduled summer downtime. Time to schedule maintenance It not only was…

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U.S. Coast Guard

An Odd Location for an Epoxy Coating Job

An epoxy coating is not limited to just flooring applications. One use is in preventing something we call corrosion. The rusting of iron, when exposed to oxygen and water, is a good example. It’s a gradual destruction of materials (usually metals) into chemically, a different material. Depending on what iron or steel is exposed to,…

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