Confidence When Working at Heights

The challenges we face from day to day aren’t common in the average work place and it takes a level of commitment to accept these challenges. We perform unusual and challenging acts in our line of work, and we take on the unforeseen challenges of  aerial work high above the ground almost daily.  We were not born with wings, and with the dangers involved with this type of work, our associates must be committed to safety and direction.

concrete repair

Articulating boom lift allows the Blackwell’s Inc. associate to reach the top of this 110 foot tall grain silo for repairs.

Our associates are most important to us. Their work requires them to be in many different and in many cases dangerous, environments. We strive to train them for such environments and we supply them with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed for the job.

The rigorous training process we use prepares each associate for extreme challenges and their performance is monitored daily. This allows each one to focus on learning to master techniques that will allow them to work safely and efficiently in all work environments.

While in these unusual situations, it takes confidence in yourself and what you can do, and confidence in your teammates to get the job done. Nothing can replace confidence in yourself and your team, and confidence in your training and equipment, especially when suspended in an alien environment, 110 feet above the ground.

Wings could be very important when they are that high off the ground but . . .




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