Secondary Containment Can Prevent Costly Cleanups

Have you ever had a bottle of cooking oil with a tiny crack in the bottle? If you have, then you know what a mess it can be to clean up the cabinet that it’s stored in! We have. And that’s why we store the bottle of oil in a old cake pan in the cabinet. If we have a leaking bottle, then the oil leaks in to the cake pan and not on the shelf of the cabinet.


Secondary containment with a chemical resistant coating.

Go in just about any industrial facility in the United States, and you’ll see tanks, vats, and barrels of all sizes and descriptions, inside and outside the facility. They can contain anything that is needed to process the materials produced by the facility. And many of these containers hold hazardous materials that could contaminate groundwater if accidentally spilled or allowed to leak.

Just like my cake pan example, industrial facilities need a barrier (called secondary containment) to contain the materials in the event of a spill or leakage.

It’s a form of insurance.

Blackwell’s Inc. can install chemical resistant containment areas in facilities throughout the southeastern United States.  Our experience allows us to construct secondary containment areas even in difficult and challenging sites.




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