Polished Concrete Floors are Found Just About Everywhere

polished concrete floor

A gym with a high sheen, almost marble-like polished concrete floor.

There is a very good reason you find polished concrete floors everywhere. It’s a choice flooring material.

Polished floors can be shiny and marble-like, or they can be low sheen floors. Even old concrete floors can take on a high-gloss, almost marble-like appearance that never needs waxes or coatings.

But a polished concrete floor is more than a beautiful shine. Concrete polishing creates a low maintenance and very durable floor, too. And depending on the level of shine, a polished concrete floor can have a lower installation cost than other type floors.

It’s an ideal floor even in very contrasting locations, such as the floor in this shopping mall jeans store and as the floor in this prison cell.

concrete floor polishing

Polished concrete floor in this jeans shop.

polished concrete floors

A jail with polished concrete floors.








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