Care of Polished Concrete Floors




polished concrete.
Polished concrete floor in an Army base warehouse
We would like to think that your polished concrete floor looks as good today as the day it was installed, but unless you’ve done a good job cleaning, it probably doesn’t.


Dirt is the enemy of a polished concrete floor. Here are some things you need to be doing to maintain the look:

· Control grit
· Remove dirt

· Use walk-off mats



Clean floors when they are dirty. Dirt is an abrasive and can ruin the shine of a polished floor. And the best methods of removing dirt:



· Dust mops
· Broom
· Sweeper or scrubber

· Wet mopping with a neutral cleaner



Using only water to clean leaves much of the dirt on the floor . . . and dirt is abrasive. Give the cleaner time to loosen the dirt but don’t let it dry on the floor.



The more you scrub and clean, the harder and denser the polished concrete floor becomes . . . and that’s good!

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