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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a huge job for industries that don’t have the trained personnel to safely clean the ovens, tanks, vats, ductwork, fans, silos, ceilings, and other equipment that needs cleaning as part of the regular maintenance.

We do it safely. We do it efficiently. And we do it cost competitively.

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Large gear in cement manufacturing being dry ice blast cleaned

C02 Blasting

This industrial cleaning technology uses frozen CO2 (dry ice) pellets at supersonic speeds to blast away residues from industrial equipment. The dry ice pellets sublimate into CO2 gas leaving no secondary waste stream to remove. With nothing to remove but the contaminant itself, clean-up is much easier.

Dry ice blasting is similar to cleaning or blasting with sand except for at least one major difference. Sand blasting requires that the sand, used in the cleaning, be removed from the site. It’s the same for pressure cleaning with water. Both sand and water leave behind a secondary waste stream that has to be removed.

Industrial cleaning with dry ice is a superior cleaning method for equipment and machinery. Since equipment and machinery can generally be cleaned in-place where it stands, it’s faster, more cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Vacuum Truck Services

With one of the most advanced vacuum trucks anywhere in the world, Blackwell’s, Inc. brings the power of high pressure air or water excavation, and the ability to vacuum and remove both wet and dry materials, from your industrial site. The Blackwell’s, Inc. GapVax Hydro Excavator Vacuum Truck does it all.

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floor coating
Lighting reflected off of epoxy floor coating

Industrial Concrete Flooring / Polishing and Specialty Coatings

Your industrial floor is a huge investment. Epoxy (resinous) floor coatings can make a considerable difference in concrete floor maintenance costs and aesthetics. Epoxy flooring systems are versatile, durable, and come in a wide range of colors.

Polished concrete is a choice flooring material. It has superior durability, low maintenance, and a marble-like shine. It’s tough enough for a high traffic warehouse, luxurious enough for a retail store.

Whether you need your concrete floor repaired, polished to a long-lasting shine, or coated to preserve its integrity, Blackwell’s, Inc. has you covered. We have the tools and experience to get the job done right the first time with the track record to prove it.