Dry Ice Blast Cleaning In the Food Industry

How many of us give absolutely no thought to the system that makes it possible for us to have food on the table, clothes on our back, and a place to live?  The answer would most likely be . . . most of us. Yet America’s food and fiber system, which includes farms, food and fiber industries, and a myriad of other industry partners, makes it possible for the rest of us to have food, clothes, and a home.

Here in Georgia alone, the food and fiber industries had sales of over $100 billion in 2010, ranking it first in Georgia’s economy. This massive industry is incredibly intertwined with multiple suppliers and services that make the whole system work.

Take the food industry for an example.  The industrial food processor depends on having the raw food materials from the growers, the machinery to produce the finished product, transportation to and from the plant, workers, sellers, buyers, promoters, consumers, and a host of other services that has to be in place in the industry.

Keeping the food processing equipment in production means periodically stopping production for maintenance. And cleaning is a big part of the maintenance program.  Regular cleaning can improve production efficiency by keeping these machines and equipment in proper working condition. Regular and thorough cleaning helps ensure the quality and safety of our food is not compromised.

Effective cleaning removes food particles (sometimes called “food soil”), that bacteria need to grow, from food contact surfaces, and kills bacteria that are present.  Dry ice blasting cleans these surfaces of “food soil”and effectively decontaminates these surfaces of Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Col. That’s where we can play a part in the system.

Cleaning with super cold CO2 (dry ice), propelled at supersonic speeds, is a superior industrial cleaning method for equipment and machinery. It’s faster, more cost effective, and an entirely environmentally friendly cleaning technology.  Snack food processing lines and cooking surfaces all clean quickly and easily with dry ice blasting. Labelers, glue assembly areas, Bag-in-Box formers, conveyors, de-nesters and palletizers can all be cleaned weekly or monthly with dry ice blasting.

CO2LD TECH is the dry ice (CO2) cleaning division of Blackwell’s Inc.  Since 1982, we have been the source for industrial cleaning throughout the southeastern United States.





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