Not Our Usual Work at this Aerospace Facility

turbine balancing rail, Aerospace Facility

Most of our flooring work, whether polished concrete or resinous (epoxy) flooring, is routine for us. Depending on the type of floor, the plan of work for each floor is typically the same.

Solving problems is common.

But on occasion, we are not free to complete the job the way we always have and need to use our engineering skills to get the job done.  Solving problems is common to all engineering jobs.

Specific requirements for an aerospace facility floor

Even though we are not engineers by trade, at times we must satisfy very specific requirements, and rely on our insight that comes from years of experience with concrete floor repair, concrete polishing, and resinous (epoxy) flooring. This was the case recently at a major aerospace facility when we were contracted to install the rail for a Schenck balancing machine specifically designed for balancing turbines in the overhaul of jet engines.

Aircraft have many working parts but needless to say, the aircraft engine is one of the more important ones. Keeping the engine turbines in proper balance is critical. The turbines constant high-speed rotation in many environments and contact with debris makes it subject to falling out of balance, potentially damaging the turbine blades and engine.

Optimal installation was required.

To make effective use of the balancing machine a precise installation is required. The specifics of our installation required us to:

  • Properly prepare concrete substrate to CSP 6-7
  • Construct a rigid foundation in accordance with specific loading capacities of the turbines.
  • Install the specified base anchoring system.
  • Use a non-shrinking grout as a contact layer between the balancing machines base and the foundation.
  • Install a friction-locked fastening system of the machine base to the foundation.

The proper installation of the turbine balancing machine, and its effectiveness in increasing the reliability and service life of turbine rotors used in jet engines, means following the construction specifics exactly. Blackwell’s, Inc. is committed to ensuring every project like this one is planned, communicated, and executed to the specifics of the project.

Schenck balancing machine anchors
Anchoring system for Schenck turbine balancing rail
Schenck balancing machine framework
Building the framework for the base underneath the Schenck turbine balancing machine

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