A Floor Tugger in Plastic Makes For a Tough Cleaning Job

It probably wasn’t the best idea, but who of us has not acted before we thought something through . . . completely?

industrial cleaning
Floor tugger as it was delivered to us. Molten plastic was emptied
into the plastic lined box, which ran through the box,
encasing the tugger in hardened plastic.


Perhaps there was no time to think and no plan in place, but for some reason an industrial manufacturing facility had a need to quickly dump a load of molten plastic.

The result was a floor tugger encased in hardened plastic.

It took us a while, and it took four of our guys swinging a sledge hammer, but eventually we hammered, chiseled, picked, and cleaned, all the plastic from the tugger.

Just another job for us in Industrial Specialty Cleaning.

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Concrete Coatings, and Concrete Repair

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