A Polished Concrete Floor From a Coated Concrete Floor

Epoxy coated floors are highly durable and can last for years, even decades with proper maintenance.  But the durability also depends on the way the coating was applied.  Coatings require the concrete to be cleaned and either mechanically or acid-etched to roughen the concrete surface for good bonding.  A failure in the preparation of the concrete before applying the coating and the durability goes south.

Proper maintenance of the coated floor is also very important. Cleaners can be used on the floors but use only non-chlorine type cleaners dissolved in water.  Sanitizing detergents containing chlorine or Sodium Hypochlorite are not recommended at all.  Any chemical spills should be neutralized, washed down with water, and removed as soon as possible.  Stiff brushes on power scrubbing equipment can also be damaging to the coating, so use soft, natural hair type bristles.

So lets say you ignored some, or all of the above.  What’s your choices?

Well, for one choice you can start over with the floor preparation and coating.  But do it right.

Or you can change the floor entirely.

That was the choice made for this industrial site.  We removed the damaged coating and changed it to a durable polished concrete floor instead.


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