Industrial Cleaning Routinely Requires Confined Space Work

silo brush down
industrial cleaning
Rusty interior of a latex storage
tank before cleaning.

I’ve said on this blog before that confined work spaces can be dangerous places.  But in the industrial cleaning work that we do, we routinely find ourselves in confined spaces.

We’ve found that industries in general lack the training and equipment to safely clean the storage tanks, ovens, pits, silos, bins, and ductwork, that are considered confined spaces.

Industrial cleaning and industrial coatings
After sandblasting the storage tank to remove rust and
contamination, the tank received a chemical resistant coating.

Confined space is a term that refers to an enclosed area with limited access, such as the interior of a storage tank.  Of particular concern in a confined space is the air quality, which could be unbreathable.

To safely clean these areas, our associates receive training in air quality testing and monitoring, ventilation, observation of personnel, and emergency rescue.

It’s just part of the job for us.  We know for a fact . . . we will be working in confined spaces.

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