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CO2 dry ice blasting georgia

Whether you prefer to call it dry ice blasting or CO2 blasting, choosing this industrial cleaning method will prove its worth immediately. Blackwell’s Inc. is located in LaGrange, Georgia, and uses super cold, dry ice propelled at supersonic speeds that are a superior industrial cleaning method for equipment and machinery. Our CO2 blasting is faster, more cost-effective, and entirely environmentally friendly cleaning technology. 

Why Choose Dry Ice Blasting?  

CO2 may sound like more of a science experiment than an industrial cleaning method. However, dry ice is nothing but frozen CO2 in a pellet form and will sublimate safely back into the atmosphere. This means that zero water is used in the cleaning process, making it a safe and dry method for cleaning electrical components and other equipment. The dry ice pellets that we use at Blackwell’s Inc. are made from food-grade recycled carbon dioxide approved by the FDA, EPA, and USDA.

Dry ice blasting is gentle enough to not damage the surface of equipment but powerful enough to clean and remove mold, listeria, salmonella, and e.coli. Blackwell’s Inc. in LaGrange, Georgia services the southeast and beyond to deliver this effective industrial cleaning method right to your business location.

As you may know, electric motors are an essential part of various industries. If an industrial electric motor fails somewhere in a production line or a piece of equipment, the entire industrial facility could be shut down until the motor is replaced. Choose Blackwell’s Inc. dry ice blasting! Our CO2 blasting in Georgia and beyond can help prevent electric motor failure and keep your machinery running smoothly.

CO2 Industrial Cleaning Georgia

Blackwell’s Inc. has been serving industrial businesses since 1982. We are committed to ensuring every project is planned, communicated, and executed to guarantee safety, first-time quality, a tightly managed timetable, and attention to cost-benefit.

Contact our team at Blackwell’s Inc. for more information on CO2 industrial blasting services in Georgia and beyond!


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