Dry Ice Blasting to Clean Electric Motors

dry ice blasting cleans electric motor

An electric motor with an accumulation of insulation debris blocking the cooling fins.

Electric motors are an essential part of industries around the world. Most have a long service life and are trouble free. But let an industrial electric motor fail somewhere in a production line or a piece of equipment and the industrial facility could be shut down until the motor is replaced. Dry ice blasting can help prevent electric motor failure as these photos show.

Regardless of what the electric motor is used for, all generate heat and heat buildup is one of the most common causes for failure. Electric motors are kept cool in several different ways but most have cooling fins that increase the surface area of the motor and work to conduct heat away from the motor. Dirt accumulation on the surface of a motor blocks the cooling fins and acts much like insulation, and that can cause the motor to overheat and possibly fail.

Dry ice blasting cleans electric motor

The same motor after cleaning with dry ice blasting.

Plant managers should make sure that electric motors are inspected to make sure that their cooling fins and/or fans are clear of accumulated dirt and debris.

Dry ice (CO2) blasting is an excellent method of cleaning electric motors. Since dry ice sublimates (changes from a solid to a gas) upon impact with the dirt and returns back into the atmosphere, nothing has to be removed from the cleaned motor but the dirt itself. Because no water is used in the cleaning, the electric motor does not have to dry.

Because dry ice is non-conductive, it can safely be used to clean most electrical  devices and equipment.


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