Repair of a HazMat Storage Area

secondary containment coating of chemical resistant coating

Crack at base of ramp into a secondary containment area

A hazardous material is any thing which has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment.

It could be in the garage, the bathroom, even the kitchen, but without a doubt, most homes, if not all homes in America have some type of hazardous material stored . . . somewhere.  And it’s the same for just about every industrial site in America and throughout the world.

The difference is the large amounts stored on industrial sites.

On these industrial sites it’s important that, if there is a leak of hazardous material, it’s contained right where it is, which is called secondary containment.

coated secondary containment area

Looking down the ramp into a repaired and chemical resistant coated secondary containment area

Concrete pads built with a containment wall are common secondary containment storage sites for industrial  hazardous materials. The ramp down into this 32 ft. x 32 ft. secondary containment area shows cracked and deteriorated concrete. EPA inspectors had concerns about the concrete such that if a leak occured it would not be contained.

We were called in to not only repair all the cracks in the concrete, but to coat the entire concrete pad with a chemical resistant coating. We did this in a series of steps including the repair of all cracks and cutting expansion joints, shotblasting and grinding the pad to achieve a profile for the coating. The final step was to coat the profiled concrete with 3 coatings of a chemical resistant vinyl ester with aggregate for slip resistance.

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