What’s a Little Snow?

The big news this week in Georgia has to be the little bit of snow that caused big problems in Atlanta. What’s a couple of inches of snow going to do?  A lot!

It may not look like much, but that little bit of snow
caused huge problems for some of us here in the south.

Just ask any of those stranded in their cars on the interstate.  Or ask those kids having to sleep on the floor in the school gym.  Well, actually that might have been kind of fun.  Ask those having to sleep on the floor in the aisles of the grocery store or those trying to sleep in their cars instead.

Here at Blackwell’s Inc., we had one crew stranded in their truck on the interstate for 27 hours and we had to cancel jobs scheduled for the next day because the roads were blocked.  But for the most part, we got by with a day of not coming to work.  We did double up our crews to make up for the canceled jobs, though.

But for our extended families, well, that’s what this blog is about.

My sister was stranded north of Atlanta because of cars blocking the road and no way to get around the cars.  She wound up walking 3 miles to a friend’s house, only to find out from her friends husband(who she didn’t know) that her friend was stranded on the interstate and couldn’t get home herself.

My brother-in-law hit ice on the interstate, losing control of his truck, only to then be hit by a tractor-trailer who hit the same ice and lost control. Both received minor injuries.

My son-in-law used his 4-wheel drive truck to shuttle nurses and other essential hospital workers back and forth to the hospital all night and most of the next day.

Me . . . I used almost the entire day off swapping out the old TV stand with the new TV stand my wife bought. Swapping the stand was easy.  But trying to connect the TV, the disc player, the home entertainment system, the TV modem, and the computer router . . . that was extremely frustrating.

I finally gave up and just marveled at the little bit of snow!

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