Caution: Slippery Floors

Kids see it firsthand by looking at the clouds in the sky and feel it firsthand when they touch a glass of cold water. They may not understand it just yet, but one day they will learn that water vapor in the air gets cold and changes back into a liquid, forming clouds and water on the outside of the glass.

shot blasting
Cold storage room showing a side by side view of the floor
before (right) and after (left) shotblasting.

It’s called condensation.

When it happens in walk-in cold storage areas, condensation causes the floors to become wet and slippery leading to slips and falls.

The floors in walk-in coolers are often smooth.  Every time the cooler door opens, the moisture in the air condenses on the interior surfaces which obviously includes the floor.

A close up view of the concrete floor. The darker surface is concrete prior to shotblasting. The lighter surface is the blasted and profiled concrete.

Condensation can be somewhat controlled, but if a storage area is susceptible to changes in temperatures from warm to cold, it will probably suffer from condensation.

A remedy for a slick concrete floor is to shotblast the floor surface to give it a rougher surface, which gives more traction for someone walking on the floor and better traction for forklifts.

The fork-lift drivers we have spoken with have had no problems with traction on the blasted surfaces.

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