Several Reasons Why Floor Coatings Fail

Peeling floor coating in a high moisture environment

Why do some floor coatings fail?

peeling floor coating

The base along the wall was simply painted on the wall but not joined to the floor.

There can be many reasons but the reason the vast majority of floor coatings fail is not the coating . . . it’s the concrete floor itself!

Some reasons are:[spacer]

  • • The concrete was a bad mix when it was delivered
  • • Poor finishing of the concrete after it was poured
  • • Poor concrete surface profiling preventing the coating from  “taking a bite”
  • • Dust and dirt on the floor
  • • Moisture in the concrete from the ground or even too much humidity from the air
  • • Concrete that’s had a sealer applied
  • • A combination of any of these things [spacer]
epoxy floor coating and integral cove base

Properly cleaned, profiled, and coated with epoxy and urethane. The cove base is now an integral part of the floor.

The good news is that, unless the floor just has a poor mix of concrete, an experienced and reputable floor coating company can repair the floor. These photos show before and after photos of a failed floor coating and and the floor after it was repaired and re-coated properly.[spacer]


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