How Can Cleaning Save You Money?


Cleaning ductwork and exhaust fans.
Ductwork before cleaning.
Cleaning ductwork and exhaust fans.
Exhaust fan before cleaning.

Take a look at these top two photos.

You’re looking at almost an inch of debris accumulation inside the ductwork and exhaust fan from an industrial oven.

Not only does the accumulation reduce air flow, which translates into higher energy costs, but it can cause the electric fan motor to fail because of excessive heat.

If the motor fails, then someone has a major problem and a big expense on their hands.

Ductwork after cleaning.
The ductwork after cleaning
and back in place.
Cleaning ductwork and exhaust fans.
After cleaning, the same exhaust fan
is free of debris.

Preventative maintenance should include checking the condition of the ductwork and exhaust systems.

And cleaning!

It can save you money.

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