Newly Discovered Rail System On the Moon?

Walk through the checkout lane at just about any discount or grocery store and you’ll find tabloid magazines with some rather bizarre story headlines on the cover page.

polished concrete, concrete repair
80 year old warehouse floor before renovation.

At a quick glance, the photo to the right might appear to be something worthy of a tabloid story.  Intersecting, parallel rails on a dusty, Lunar surface . . . yeah, I can see that!

But whatever it may appear to be, is actually a before photograph, of a dusty warehouse concrete floor with parallel rings cut into the concrete.

polished concrete, concrete repair
And after renovation.

We gave the old concrete new life by cutting the rings, then staining the concrete between the rings, and finally polishing the concrete floor.

In the photo to the left, you can see the dramatic difference in the warehouse floor, now a college cafeteria floor.

Maybe not quite worthy of the tabloids, but a good story to tell.

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