Which is Best? Coating or Polishing a Concrete Floor?

polished concrete floor

Concrete flooring is remarkably hard and strong. But concrete is a porous material—much like a sponge. That makes it susceptible to staining from acidic or caustic liquids unless it’s protected in some way.


Resinous (epoxy) floor coating products

Coating the concrete floor with a resinous (epoxy) floor coating, is an ideal way to protect the floor. These coating products, made up of a resin and a hardener, are versatile, durable, and available in many beautiful colors. With the addition of aggregate, an epoxy floor coating can have a non-slip surface and can be top coated with urethane for a more scuff resistant finish.

Vinyl ester floor coatings will help to prevent damage to the floor from harsh chemical materials. These chemical resistant coatings create an isolating barrier between the concrete and exposure to concrete damaging materials.


Polishing concrete

Polishing concrete significantly increases the concrete’s resistance to staining. It does so by using a silicate densifier to fill in the tiny open pores in the concrete and chemically reacts with the concrete to form a dense, firm, durable, and scratch resistant surface. Polishing the floor with progressively finer diamond grits produces the floor’s beautiful sheen.

But even after sealing the polished floor, acidic and caustic materials can still stain the floor. Urine stains on a polished restroom floor is a prime example. Harsh cleaning materials can stain the polished floor, too. 

One of the most beautiful advantages of polishing, other than the striking sheen, is that cleaning and maintenance of the floor is minimal but still essential.


So, which is best?

Both polished concrete and epoxy coatings have their merits. Both have their weaknesses. It comes down to cost and how the floor will be used. Blackwell’s, Inc. has years of experience in both coated flooring and polished concrete flooring. Blackwell’s, Inc. can help you decide which of the two will be best for your industrial flooring.

epoxy coated flooring
Epoxy flooring, also known as resinous flooring, is pleasing in its looks, available in many colors, and very durable in its use in industrial facilities
polished concrete flooring
Polished concrete is a low maintenance and long-lasting industrial flooring option

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