Dry Ice Blasting Can Clean Without Damaging Surfaces

Sometimes, pieces of equipment can get so “gummed up” with contaminant and residue that they stop working efficiently, and may even jam up.

Dry ice blasting is perfect to help solve that problem.

Even different materials on the same piece of equipment can sometimes be a problem to clean for risk of damaging the equipment.  Dry ice blasting can eliminate that risk, too.

On this spray nozzle, which is a component of a robotic arm, different contaminants, connections, and rubber hoses can all be cleaned together at the same time with dry ice blasting.

For materials or equipment that are easily damaged, the blasting pressure, the spray nozzle size, and even the size of the dry ice itself, can be changed.

That simplifies the cleaning and gives us the ability to customize the dry ice blasting to your job and your equipment.


Co2ld Tech Dry Ice Blasting

Blackwell’s Inc. Industrial Cleaning

LaGrange, GA









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