Coated Garage Floors Can Minimize Stains

Oil stains on concrete can be prevented with floor coatings

Oil stains on this garage’s concrete floor can be impossible to remove.

If you owned a car in the early 1900’s, and it broke down, you either fixed it yourself, or you had a bicycle mechanic, a blacksmith, or even the local plumber to take a look at it.

Where there was a car repair garage, there’s a good chance it had a dirt floor. Eventually, the dirt floors evolved into the concrete floors  we have today.

Concrete is a very hard and dense material, but it acts  like a sponge. Liquids can soak into the concrete surface.  Motor and hydraulic oils spilled or leaked onto concrete can be very difficult, if not impossible to remove. Concrete sealers applied on concrete when it’s first poured can help minimize the staining of oils by blocking the tiny pores in the concrete.

coated concrete floor of epoxy to protect against oil stains

This garage floor is protected from stains with primer, 2 coatings of epoxy, and and a topcoat of urethane.

An additional step garage owners can make is a concrete coating of an epoxy flooring system.

A coated concrete floor of epoxy is a way to change a plain gray concrete floor into a floor that’s not only durable but very beautiful as well. These epoxy flooring systems not only upgrade the look of the floor, but they also help protect the floors from oil stains and tire marks.

The coated concrete floor in this photo is 3 years old and looks as good today as when it was first coated with an epoxy flooring system.


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