Why Not Just Use Water To Clean Polished Concrete?

It may sound like a good idea,but just using water to clean a polished concrete floor doesn’t really clean it very well.  Water leaves much of the dirt on the floor, which will eventually abrade and discolor the surface.

Using a polished concrete floor cleaner is important.

polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floor test showing the difference of using an emulsifier cleaner (light square) and the concrete cleaned only with water (dark).

So how does a cleaner work that makes it better than just water?  Well, we all know that oil and water do not mix. But adding a soap to the oil and water changes that.

Soaps consist of fatty acids that emulsify or allows the water and oil to mix (now known as an emulsion). Concrete floor cleaners in water emulsify oils, grease, and dirt, and because it is now an emulsion, is easier to remove from the floor.

Plain water just doesn’t do the job so well and, you may be only moving the dirt from one spot to another!  An emulsifier in the water allows the grime to be rinsed away.


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