Epoxy Coating to Repair Rusted Metal Housing

Go look around your yard and you’ll probably find something made of iron.  If what you find is not protected in some way, there is a pretty good chance it’s rusting.  Rust is a chemical reaction that happens when oxygen in the air or water reacts with iron in metal.   It causes a loss of untold millions of dollars each year. Take a look at the photo below.

This rusted structure houses components of a process unit for the treatment of exhaust air in manufacturing.  If nothing were done to halt the rusting, it would weaken the metal to the point of having to shut the unit down for several days to replace the metal.  This would be very expensive for the manufacturer. We had a better solution.  And it prevented a shut down of the unit.

A crew of 4 men spent 2 days using hand grinders to remove as much rust as possible without further weakening the metal.  We then coated the metal with a rust preventative epoxy that not only stopped any further rusting but sealed the metal completely against water and air.


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