Summer Shutdowns—a Time for Industrial Cleaning

oily dust debris, summer shutdown

What industrial facilities refer to as “summer shutdowns” may have started when Henry Ford created his first assembly line in 1913.

With his automobile workers, daydreaming about summer and the beautiful weather outside, began skipping work, being as clever as he was, Henry Ford scheduled summer downtime.

Time to schedule maintenance

dirty air louvers

Oily and dust laden ventilation wall louvers in an aeronautical facility

It not only was a boost to his workers’ morale and productivity, but he could also take the time to look at his automobile manufacturing business. The summer downtime was a good time to schedule needed maintenance, a time to fix a few things, and a good time for a little industrial cleaning on his assembly line.

Recent surveys

Recent surveys reveal that manufacturing workers say cleanliness in the workplace is one of the top three factors influencing their level of happiness on the job. Happiness and productivity go together in the workforce. So why not keep them happy?

Reasons for maintaining a clean work environment

clean air louvers

The same louvers after CO2 blast cleaning

Even though manufacturing customers rarely see the inside of an industrial operation, maintaining a clean work environment is important for reasons other than a happy worker.

Some of the reasons are:

  1. workers are safer
  2. productivity increases
  3. manufacturers save money
  4. first impressions count when visitors do visit
  5. brand trustworthiness increases

Industrial cleaning can often be very challenging. Those of us in the industrial cleaning business have the necessary experience, training, and tools to clean industrial facilities thoroughly, even those big jobs with complicated and heavy machinery.

While Henry Ford may not have coined the words “summer shutdowns”, we can partner with industrial facilities in their scheduled shutdowns or in emergencies for industrial cleaning and industrial flooring needs.



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