Like It’s Always Been There

ceramic tile grouting repair

A Floor for the Long Haul

When industrial flooring is installed in a high traffic area, you count on it being there for the long haul. In a food processing facility that has been in business for ages, that floor could still be a ceramic tile floor. At one time, they were the only floors used in the food processing industry.


Water can infiltrate a cementitious grout

While ceramic tiles hold up well to spills, grease buildup, and foot traffic, if a cementitious grouting material was used between the tiles, water can infiltrate and degrade the grout allowing microorganisms to grow.

In this industrial flooring job, an addition of a water drain line in the floor required removing a section of whole ceramic floor tiles. After the drain line addition was made, these are the steps Blackwell’s, Inc. took to replace and grout the tile flooring:

  1. The repaired section of floor was made level to the existing slab grade with an epoxy flooring repair mortar.
  1. A dense grouting material of antimicrobial and chemical resistant water washable epoxy floor grouting material was used over the cured concrete as a thin-set grout to reset the whole paver tiles that were removed.
  1. A less dense formulation of the same epoxy floor grouting material was used to grout between the replaced floor tiles.


Looks like the addition has always been there

The finished floor looks like the addition has always been there but now with an epoxy floor grouting material formulated specifically for use in Industrial, Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Blackwell’s, Inc. is committed to ensuring every project is planned, communicated, and executed to guarantee safe, first-time quality, a tightly managed timetable, and attention to cost benefit.

trench in tile
After cutting and removing floor tiles, the trench was dug for the addition of the new drain line
repairing trench
With the drain line in place, the floor repair began by leveling with repair mortar and thin-set grout, then replacing ceramic tile

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