Can a Concrete Floor Turn Into a Food Additive?

Imagine for a moment, your industrial concrete floor turning into a food additive.

That is a wild thought! But the possibility is there.

You see, acetic acid (think vinegar), used in car manufacturing and other industries, if allowed to react with concrete, forms calcium acetate.   Calcium acetate is used as a food additive.

concrete floor repairAcetic acid, even though it’s considered a relatively weak acid, in high concentrations and over time, can damage concrete.

Such was the case with this concrete floor.  A leaking barrel of acetic acid, reacting with the components of the concrete, was slowly changing the floor into calcium acetate.

concrete floor repair

We repaired the floor by first flushing the damaged area with a material to raise the pH, then removed the damaged concrete.

After a thorough cleaning, we replaced the concrete with a chemical resistant epoxy, which bonds to the concrete, creating a strong, chemical resistant floor.

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