Specialized Industrial Cleaning

Specialized Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a huge job for industries that don't have the trained personnel to safely clean the ovens, tanks, vats, ductwork, fans, silos, ceilings, and other equipment that needs cleaning as part of the regular maintenance.

We do it safely. We do it efficiently. And we do it cost competitively.

Gallery of Industrial Cleaning

Dry Ice (CO2) Blasting.

This industrial cleaning technology uses frozen CO2 (dry ice) pellets at supersonic speeds to blast away residues from industrial equipment. The dry ice pellets sublimate into CO2 gas leaving no secondary waste stream to remove.  With nothing to remove but the contaminant itself, clean-up is much easier.

Dry ice blasting is similar to cleaning or blasting with sand except for at least one major difference. Sand blasting requires that the sand, used in the cleaning, be removed from the site. It's the same for pressure cleaning with water. Both sand and water leave behind a secondary waste stream that has to be removed.

Industrial cleaning with dry ice is a superior cleaning method for equipment and machinery. Since equipment and machinery can generally be cleaned in-place where it stands, it's faster, more cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.

To learn more about this industrial cleaning technology, please visit our CO2LDTECH page by clicking on the READ MORE link below.

Tenter clip online cleaning

Tenter clip online cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Removing sulfidation from a gas turbine compressor

The pictures above show dry ice blasting being used to remove sulfidation  corrosion from a power generator's gas turbine compressor and debris from tenter clips used in the manufacture of fabric. The tenter clips are being cleaned on the production line. Below are before and after photos of a polymer manufacturing machine cleaned while on the production line.

After Cleaning

After Cleaning

Before Cleaning

Polymer manufacturing machinery before cleaning

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 Confined Space Cleaning
Tank Cleaning

Applying an epoxy coating to the interior of a latex storage tank after sandblasting to remove rust and contaminants

The industrial cleaning division of Blackwell's addresses situations within facilities that require specialized cleaning training and techniques. Should you require confined space work, hot or cold pressure cleaning, dry ice (CO2) blasting, or cleaning specialties such as: ductwork, ceilings, production machinery, silos, storage tanks etc., we are the professionals with decades of industrial cleaning experience on our teams.

Cleaning of industrial silos are a big part of our work. Coffee, flour, grain, pepper, and sugar are all contained in silos, and we've cleaned them all.

cleaning ductwork

Cleaning the ductwork above the filter housing of an industrial welding shop

Innovative industrial cleaning techniques utilizing cleaning methods developed by chimney sweeps over the centuries, coupled with today's technology and safety are used to remove contaminants from your ductwork thereby improving exhaust and ventilation efficiency. Many hazards can develop if ductwork is not kept clear of debris. Maintaining ductwork cleanliness with duct cleaning services helps ensure a safe environment as well.

Blackwell's specializes in cleaning areas that require special procedures for entrance and egress. Dependent upon the surface contaminant, tank construction and composition, we have a way to clean out the interior of your vessel.

Silo Entry

Entering the confined space of a 60 ft. flour silo for cleaning using dry ice blasting

When we send one of our associates into a confined space, we send someone that's trained to work in tight, potentially dangerous places. Depending on the confined space, our associates can be equipped with, but are not limited to: supplied air, safety harness, ear and eye protection, and a communication device.

Training in the operation of personnel lift equipment and fall protection, and containment construction, make our professional associates the best at removing contaminants.

Self-Contained Workforce

We are a Georgia based, industrial cleaning company near Atlanta, serving Alabama AL, Georgia GA, Florida FL, Mississippi MS, North Carolina NC, South Carolina SC, and Tennessee TN. Our industrial cleaning service units are mobile and we will come to your location, anywhere in the southeast to perform the cleaning operation to your satisfaction. We have the latest industrial cleaning equipment and our staff is highly skilled and trained.

cleaning carpet manufacturing oven

Vacuuming the interior of an oven used in the manufacture of carpet

Yamaha duct cleaning

Filter house cleaning


All of Blackwell's personnel undergo vigorous ongoing training to certify that the professional acumen will meet your specific facilities requirements. Courses include, but are not limited to: Lockout, Tagout, Confined Space Entry, MSDS, Respiratory, Protection, and Safety Hazards in the Work Place as well as Fall Protection. Our safety director will review your facilities specific safety program with associates prior to job mobilization.

Our Crew

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Cleaning the degassing bins at the facility took a large cleaning crew.

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training Simulator

We have a crew of 50 field associates which gives us the ability to be on multiple jobsites throughout the southeast. We stress jobsite safety with all our crews and regularly hold safety training courses including confined space emergency rescue using our confined space simulator. Our crews work nearly 50,000 hours on a yearly basis and we have received the Award of Excellence from the Georgia Department of Labor for 13 consecutive years.

No Cross Contamination
containment room

Containment room

The EPA recommends the use of barriers or containment rooms to contain the dusts and other pollutants created during renovations.

Years of cleaning experience and learning allow us to provide proper industrial cleaning techniques and methods to get the most difficult cleaning or surface preparation projects accomplished without contaminating other machines. We are well versed at arduous environmental controls including containment erection and ventilation.

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Shotblasting Trim

Shotblasting a steel fuel tank to remove loose paint and rust

Whether it is blasting contaminants from substrates with steel shot, high pressure water, dry ice blasting, sandblasting, or scraping with pneumatic scrapers, we can clean it. Blackwell's Inc. can also provide a non-skid surface via shot blasting of slick concrete surface, and Diamond and Carbide removal of horizontal surface contaminants.


Got an unusual industrial cleaning project . . . like a pallet lift encased in plastic?
Let's discuss it and come up with a cleaning solution.
Cleaning of equipment.

Floor tugger encased in plastic.

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