Ice Blasting to Remove Rust

You recognize rust when you see it, but do you know how it got there?  The red dust on iron or steel forms when the oxygen in the air reacts with the free iron in the metal to make iron oxide, or rust.

Water speeds the whole process up by mixing with carbon dioxide in the air to form weak carbonic acid.  This acid starts to dissolve the iron causing pitting in the metal.

It’s an unavoidable part of nature.

You can remove rust. Unfortunately, if it’s pitted, the pitted surface remains.


dry ice blasting to remove rust
After dry ice blasting to remove the rust and
an epoxy protective coating.
Dry ice (CO2) blasting is one method we use to remove the rust from metal.  Sand is also used, but sand blasting is known to cause health problems and leaves a lot of sand to be removed from the blasting site.

Dry ice sublimates back into the atmosphere as CO2 gas, so the only thing to remove from the site is the rust debris itself.

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