Staging Materials for a Job

Staging Materials for a Job

Sometimes we forget about the amount of work that goes on just to get ready for a job we have contracted to do. The job could be an industrial flooring installation, concrete floor repair, or it could be a specialized industrial cleaning job.

But regardless of the job, it starts out with an account executive meeting with a client to find out what needs to be done and then developing a plan to accomplish the job. The plan includes a Pre-Job Assessment to make sure at load up, we have the equipment, materials, and safety gear we need to get the job done safely and efficiently.

We can’t work without our trucks and trailers. We don’t need trailers on every job, but when we need them, we really need them. When they return from a job, they have to be unloaded and then they have to be loaded up again for the next job. With 11 trucks, 9 trailers, 5 different compressors and generators, and numerous jobs going on at the same time all over the southeast, staging all this before the load up is vitally important to keep things straight.

The load up crew: Colt, Jonathan,"King" Crowell, and Kenneth.

The load up crew: Colt, Jonathan,”King” Crowell, and Kenneth.

Thankfully, the load up crew . . . Kenneth, Colt, and Jonathan, under the direction of “King” Crowell, our shop manager, and our safety coordinator, Clint, know the logistics for the different jobs.

Once everything needed for the job is on the job site, the installation or cleaning crew takes over, and the staging for another job begins.




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