Dry Ice Blasting to Remove Flour Residue

Yesterday, my youngest sister asked if she could have the old wooden flour bowl our mother used when she made biscuits.  All three of us siblings knew where she always kept it . . . in the lower kitchen cabinet of our beloved homeplace.  Old flour still clings to the inside of the cabinet walls where the flour bowl and the flour always stayed.  A vacuum should clean it quickly.

But what if flour is clinging to the inside of a 100 ft. tall industrial flour silo?  Cleaning it will not be quite so quick and easy.
Industrial silos are used to store many different materials.  If it contains flour, or any other food item, it will need to be cleaned periodically.
Periodic cleaning removes old flour residues to help prevent contamination of new flour, and microbial contamination of a freshly filled silo.  It also removes the buildup of old residue inside that reduces the volume of the product the filled silo will hold.
Dry Ice Blasting is an effective method to clean silos, bins, ovens, and other equipment that comes in contact with food materials. Dry ice sublimates back into the atmosphere, so there is nothing to remove from the site but the food residue itself.

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