Polished Concrete for a Beautiful, Durable, No Wax Shine


The combination of a solid, strong concrete floor, the right equipment, experience, and expertise, creates a beautiful, marble-like floor.

The beautiful shine of the floor alone makes polished concrete one of our most requested floors. Even old concrete floors can take on a high-gloss, almost marble-like appearance that never needs waxes or coatings. But a polished concrete floor is more than a beautiful shine.  It’s a low maintenance and a very durable floor, too.

There are floors that are not good candidates for polishing  . . .  floors that are wavy and uneven, need a lot of patching, are very porous, or that may be subjected to harsh chemicals. If the floor is structurally sound, it can, in most cases be polished.

Polishing a concrete floor is not a DIY (do it yourself) job. It a multi-step process that takes experience and expertise.

And it takes some heavy duty equipment to do the job.

Concrete polishing

Initial grind with #30 grit diamonds to remove the sealer on the old concrete floor.

The grinding machines are heavy (about 800 lbs.) and are equipped with diamond disks that grind down and remove the concrete surface.  In the multi-step process, finer and finer grit diamonds are used on the machines to produce the desired level of shine.  Most polishing starts with #15-#30 grit diamonds, followed by a series of finer grit diamonds, and ending with #800-#1500 grit diamonds for a high gloss shine.

If you don’t care for the look of gray concrete, then stains or dyes in a multitude of colors can be applied during the polishing.




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