High Pressure Dry Ice Blasting Increases Our Efficiency

The specialized equipment used in today’s industries require specialized cleaning techniques.  Plant managers, engineers, and maintenance personnel are seeing the advantages of using dry ice blasting to clean this equipment.

In case you don’t know anything at all about dry ice blasting, I’ll tell you 4 things about it:

  • “Dry Ice Blasting” uses frozen CO2 pellets in different sizes for different applications.
  • It can be soft enough so it doesn’t damage the equipment being cleaned, but still hard enough to clean.
  • Because no water is used, nothing has to dry.
  • Since no sand, no cleaning solvents, (and no water) are used, nothing has to be removed but the contaminant itself.

Normally, dry ice blasting cleaning is done at 80-90 psi.  And for most cleaning purposes, that’s all you need.

High pressure dry ice blasting.
Our 200 psi Atlas Copco 375 cfm
high pressure compressor.

But, if the contaminant is baked on, or the cleaning job is to remove hard coatings, then High Pressure (180 psi) dry ice blasting may be needed. Cleaning at these pressures require special machines.  These bigger, more powerful machines are faster and more efficient at cleaning. Using one high pressure machine means we can cut back on our labor costs, too.

All of these benefits together can make for a less expensive, faster, and better cleaning job for our customers.

That’s a win-win.

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