Specialized Surface Restoration and Maintenance Solutions by Blackwell's, Inc.: Enhancing Facility Performance and Durability

Elevate the functionality and longevity of your industrial surfaces with the specialized restoration and maintenance services offered by Blackwell's Inc. Our team is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of surface cleanliness and safety, meticulously adhering to OSHA regulations and FDA guidelines to guarantee a secure, efficient, and compliant working environment.

Surface Restoration and Maintenance: Essential for Industrial Facilities

The condition of industrial surfaces plays a critical role in ensuring structural integrity, safety, and operational efficiency. Regular, expert maintenance is crucial to:

Abrasive media blasting to remove a failed tank liner coating.

Why Choose Blackwell’s Inc. for Surface Restoration

Blackwell’s Inc. leads the way in providing comprehensive surface restoration solutions across a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, food and beverage, and the chemical industry. We are committed to excellence, leveraging advanced techniques and materials to deliver superior results:

  • Customized Media Blasting Services: We offer a broad range of media blasting services, carefully selecting the appropriate media to match the specific requirements of each project.
  • Advanced Vapor Blasting for Vulnerable Urban/Industrial Area Surfaces: Our vapor blasting technique combines media and water to minimize dust, making it ideal for sensitive environments.
  • Expertise in Specialty Blasting Media: From gentle media for delicate surfaces to aggressive media for robust surface preparation, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

Equipment and Surface Repair Services

Our meticulous cleaning and restoration processes enable thorough inspections, through which our skilled technicians can assist you to identify and address any repair needs. Whether it’s minor adjustments or comprehensive overhauls, we are equipped to ensure your surfaces and associated equipment are maintained at their best.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Crack Sealing and Damage Repair: Essential for preventing further degradation and maintaining operational integrity.
  • Structural Reinforcement: Guaranteeing the safety and durability of your facility.
  • Surface Preparation for Recoating: Ensuring optimal adhesion and protection for resurfacing efforts.
basin wall
Waterworks basin wall showing cracks, deteriorating concrete, and old concrete repair work.
media blasting
Hot water pressure washing to remove accumulated wastewater contaminants on this EQ tank before media blasting. In all our industrial work, safety is a priority.

Safety remains our foremost concern in all restoration and maintenance tasks. By choosing Blackwell’s Inc., you partner with a leader in industrial surface care, committed to maintaining a clean, efficient, and compliant operational environment. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, safety excellence, and regulatory adherence makes us your premier choice for industrial maintenance services in the southeastern United States. Experience the confidence and operational benefits that come from entrusting your facility’s maintenance needs to Blackwell’s Inc.

media blasting

Hot water pressure washing to remove wastwater contaminants on an EQ tank prior to media blasting.

welding repair

263 steel patches welded in place over larger holes in this EQ tank.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive media blasting to remove a failed tank liner.

Abrasive blasting to remove a failed tank liner.

Abrasive media blasting profiled this EQ tank interior in preparation for this new ceramic epoxy liner.

Water treatment sedimentation basin wall before and after media blasting. To the right of the scaffolding is the wall before any cleaning or media blasting work was done to the wall. The center section of wall (behind the scaffolding) is after the initial soft washing with bleach. The left section (lighter color) shows the wall after profiling by media blasting.

exposed rebar water basin

Deteriorated concrete and corroded rebar on a water basin wall.

Abrasive media blasting uncovered numerous deteriorating layers of concrete, structural wall cracks, exposed and corroded structural rebar, and earlier repair patches.

concrete rehabilitation

Corrosion of the exposed rebar reinforcement and spalling of the concrete on the ceiling and the structural beams.

concrete repair

The concrete ceiling after cleaning, repairs, and a waterproof coating application

Silo liner

This food grade FDA approved liner was installed after abrasive blasting to profile the surface

Sugar silo with FDA approved food grade liner