Industrial Cleaning of Ductwork to Improve Air Quality

Industrial Cleaning of Aspiration System Ductwork

ductwork cleaning

Flour dust clogged the aspiration system ductwork where it made a 90 degree turn.

It’s well known that indoor air is often more contaminated than outdoor air. This can be especially true in an industry that creates a lot of dust in the process of making a product. Industrial cleaning of a facility’s aspiration system’s ductwork can increase the efficiency of the system and improve the air quality.[spacer]

A food production facility that uses flours will naturally create fine airborne dust particles of flour inside the facility. These particles can cause breathing problems and allergies in sensitive individuals, and for a person with asthma, it can cause severe health problems.[spacer]

Controlling the concentration of indoor air particulates through cleaning can help relieve symptoms and prevent health problems. These facilities clean the indoor air with a system of aspiration engineered in the production lines. The system uses exhausts fans and ductwork to pull flour dusts away from employee work areas and into sock filters before exhausting the air to the outside.[spacer]

To work efficiently, periodic cleaning of the aspiration system (the ductwork, filters, and fans) is needed, as this photo of the flour dust in the systems ductwork clearly shows.[spacer]

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