Mobile Vacuuming System Opens Up New Opportunities in Industrial Cleaning

New Opportunities in Industrial Cleaning

What started as a chimney sweeping business in 1982 quickly took a new direction when we added pressure washing to make up for the slack time when we were not cleaning chimneys. Over the years since, we’ve  evolved into the specialized industrial cleaning company we are today.

Staying competitive in the industrial cleaning business requires us to constantly adapt to new ways of doing cleaning work. Years ago we saw that cleaning with water, whether it was high pressure washing or hot or cold pressure washing, was not always the best way to clean something. Yes, there is a place for it, but the future was in dry ice (CO2) blasting to clean. And we made that change.

mobile vacuuming system for specialized industrial cleaning

Blackwell’s, Inc.’s mobile vacuuming system.

A recent job to remove contaminated wheat from a huge silo would require a tremendous amount of labor had we done it the way we have always done that type of work. Because of the amount of labor involved . . . we changed again by adding a vacuum truck to our fleet. This powerful and efficient mobile vacuuming system allows us to clean much more efficiently in the sheer volume of debris it is able to remove from industrial sites.

This addition to our truck fleet (shown here in the raised dump position) gives us the ability to vacuum wet or dry materials through 8″ suction lines from inaccessible locations a distance of about 250 feet from the truck.

The changes we make as we grow are good things because it increases our capabilities in industrial cleaning.


Blackwell’s, Inc.

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