Concrete Coatings to Protect Against Corrosive Materials

concrete coatings as secondary spill containment

Two attendants monitor the Blackwell’s associate inside the confined space of this secondary spill containment tank.

Chemical Resistant Concrete Coatings Are Ideal For Secondary Spill Containment

Industries rely on many different materials in the production of the goods we use daily. Many of these materials are highly concentrated and can be hazardous even in small amounts. An accidental spill or leakage of a concentrated acid, for example, could be hazardous to people and the environment. Industries prepare for accidents by using “secondary spill containment” structures that will contain the hazardous materials in the event of an accidental spill. Concrete coatings of chemical resistant materials are ideal for these structures.

This photo shows Blackwell’s, Inc. associates applying a polymer coating to the interior of a concrete secondary containment tank. Even though concrete is a very strong material, it can be damaged by corrosion. The polymer coating protects the concrete from damage by corrosive materials in the event of a spill.

The polymer coating itself can be harmful to the Blackwell’s associates to apply to the tank. All precautions are taken to protect them, including protection for their eyes, skin, and lungs, emergency retrieval if needed, mechanical air ventilation, and the training necessary to do this type of work.

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