Polished or Coated Industrial Floors: Which is Best?

By now it should be pretty obvious that we are in the industrial flooring business.  We can tell you that your floor is a huge investment, so choosing an industrial floor is a most important consideration for you.  Which is best?

polished concrete, coated floors
Polished industrial floor with an epoxy coated pedestrian aisle.

Both floors look good and both serve a particular purpose.

A coated floor can protect from chemical spills, is water resistant, and can be constructed to prevent slipping.  Or, it can be installed strictly for aesthetics.  Depending on its thickness and the actual makeup of the coating material, it can be fairly expensive.

Polished floors are shiny and marble-like, reflecting light so that it helps brighten the room, is a relatively low maintenance floor, and depending on the level of grind and shine, can have a lower installation cost.

So which is best for your floor?

Do both!

Blackwell’s Inc.
LaGrange, GA



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