What’s Wrong with Being “Jack”?

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Being called a “Jack of all trades and master of none” can be a little insulting—unless it’s followed up with the rest of the phrase, which is “but oftentimes better than a master of one”.

In the specialized industrial services work we do in industrial facilities, there is nothing wrong with being “Jack”. It is a complement.

The complete phrase could accurately describe Blackwell’s, Inc.


Industrial Concrete Flooring Services

Your concrete floor is a huge investment and is built to last well into the future. No matter the age or condition of your floor, our flooring experience can breathe new life into it with Polished Concrete Flooring, Resinous Flooring, Chemical Resistant Flooring, Electrostatic dissipative Flooring, and if needed, Concrete Repair.

Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning in industrial facilities is a huge job for industrial facilities without the trained personnel to safely clean the ovens, tanks, vats, ductwork, fans, silos, ceilings, and equipment as part of the regular maintenance. We have the OSHA trained associates with contaminant knowledge, the equipment, and the experience for the job.

CO2 Blasting (dry ice blasting)

Cleaning with dry ice is a superior cleaning method for equipment and machinery. Equipment can generally be cleaned in place which makes it faster, more cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Abrasive Blasting

With a full range of media blasting services, using a wide variety of specialty blast medias, we can clean and/or profile surfaces delicately or very aggressively. Wet/Dustless/Vapor Blasting uses a mixture of blast media and water that captures up to 99% of dust particulates before they become airborne.

Vacuum Truck Services

Top of the line equipment and proven experience combined for safe and efficient removal of wet or dry waste materials from tanks, silos, and other vessels. These vacuum trucks can operate in difficult areas, and up to 500 feet away if necessary. If excavation is needed, their hydro and air excavation ability have advantages over a backhoe or shoveling, and all but eliminates damage to underground utilities and collateral damage to the landscape.


Yes, Blackwell’s, Inc. is a “Jack of all trades” but one with a difference. We’ve mastered them all.

emergency cleanup
Emergency spill cleanup of peanut butter
vacuum truck cleaning silo
Vacuum trucks emptying silos
Dry ice blasting of machinery

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