August is for Planning Industrial Shutdowns

The month of August has some rather interesting trivia associated with it. Did you know that August is the month that birds begin flying south for the winter?  Insects are nosier, weeds grow faster, and August is one of the months associated with “The Dog Days of Summer”.

August is said to be the busiest month for businesses. If that’s true, then why is it also the month most people take their vacations?  What seems to be somewhat of a contradiction can perhaps be explained by the fact that August lies between two holidays . . . the 4th of July and Labor Day.  And it’s typically the time that industries begin preparing for cleaning and repair shutdowns (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) during the second half of the year.

A plant shutdown, even if it’s temporary, results in lost revenue for the company. If the equipment is not operating, the plant is not making product.  Equipment that’s not maintained can result in expensive breakdowns that cause unexpected shutdowns.  A breakdown has a domino effect on production and can put a plant out of production until the repair is made.

But planned shutdowns are generally good for business.  Equipment can be cleaned, improved, made more efficient, and made safer.

Blackwell’s, Inc. has years of experience working with industries in their planned shutdowns.  Whether it’s industrial cleaning of equipment and facilities, ductwork, dry ice blasting, or concrete floor coatings and repair, we work 24/6 and will be happy to work with you on your next planned shutdown.






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