Superior Innovations in Safety

“Safety first” is a slogan that we as adults should teach our children even though they may never fully appreciate it until they themselves become adults.  But it’s a slogan that we emphasize almost constantly in our line of work.

Our work requires us to be in many industrial environments throughout the southeastern United States.  With an average of 25 associates and more than 50,000 hours worked in a years’ time, our OSHA logbook clearly shows that we practice daily what we preach.

Last week, at the 20th annual Georgia Safety, Health and Environmental Conference in Savannah, GA, we were honored to receive the “Superior Innovations in Safety Award”.  This award was one of seven presented at the conference.

As great as the recognition was, we are equally excited about the possibility of achieving a company goal very soon.

In less than a month, we hope to achieve our record breaking safety performance of 1000 days without a work related injury.

Kudos to our Human Resources and Safety Officer, Clint Greathouse, for his leadership.

Blackwell’s Inc.
LaGrange, GA



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