Aerosolized Oil Can Stick to Almost Anything

Ceiling before and after dry ice blasting

Ceiling before and after dry ice blastingThere’s a very simple reason why modern kitchens have exhaust fans above the stove. It’s to vent away cooking odors and filter out heat, smoke, grease, and moisture.

It’s the same for industrial kitchens too, but on a much larger scale.

Cooking oils, at high cooking temperatures, can produce tiny droplets of the oil. These aerosolized oils    float in the air, and if not picked up by the exhaust fan, will settle somewhere and can stick to just about anything . . . including the ceiling.

As can be seen in this before and after photo of an industrial kitchen ceiling, we dry ice blasted sections of the ceiling to clean away the aerosolized oil and other contaminants that collected on the ceilings above the ovens. As we cleaned these ceiling sections, we then coated the sections with a multi-purpose acrylic coating that resists coating failures from elevated temperatures of up to 200° F.

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