Comparisons When Installing a Floor Coating

It hurts to lose a floor coating job when one company bids a job according to the construction specifications and the company winning the bid doesn’t. It’s like the idiom “comparing apples to oranges”.

The specifications provide a number of lists and instructions for the installation, including the materials to be used, how and where they are used, and how much should be used. Following the specifications is most likely going to produce the best floor, but may be the most expensive, too. The construction specifications are there for a reason. The architectural engineer has studied the location, the use of the floor, the stress put on the floor, and any number of other considerations, before the specifications are written. Those specifications should give you the floor you need.

If you don’t have specifications, make sure the ones bidding the job are doing the same work. For example, do you need:

  • grinding to remove the existing floor
  • shotblasting
  • floor repair of divots and cracks
  • joint repair

Does the primer need to be breathable?  What about the epoxy?  What’s the thickness of the epoxy?  How many coats?  Does the topcoat need to be breathable?

There ‘s a lot to consider.  Make sure your bids are comparable and you are comparing “apples to apples”.


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