Dirt Is Terrible for a Polished Floor

cleaned and polished floor
When our concrete floor polishers leave your jobsite, you have a beautiful, marble-like, and durable floor. But one of the most beautiful advantages of polishing, other than the striking sheen, is that maintenance is minimal.
Minimal, but essential!
Dirt is terrible for a polished concrete floor and gives it a dull appearance. We recommend that you remove dirt and debris daily by using a gritless sweeping compound. Sweeping compounds that contain emollient laden granules will attract and remove dusts and leave a reflection enhancer behind. In high traffic or heavy soiled areas, use an auto scrubber with soft poly brushes daily along with a cleaner and conditioner designed for polished concrete.
And finally, use walk off mats to protect the floor from tracked in dirt at all entrance and exit points.
A properly cared for polished concrete floor can keep its beautiful look for years. But use the wrong brushes and pads, harsh cleaners or only water to clean with, or do nothing at all, and we’ll be back to polish your floor again very soon!
For more information, ask for our brochure “Care and Maintenance of Polished Concrete”.
dirty polished floor
cleaned and polished floor

A “do nothing” approach to floor cleaning.

The same floor (different view) after polishing the floor again.


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