Safety On the Jobsite Takes Effort

You can’t count on just luck to keep you safe.

Confined space safety training for
new associates at Blackwell’s, Inc.

It takes planning, effort, consistency . . .and a little prayer every now and then. We do all these here at Blackwell’s, Inc. and CO2ld Tech.

1000 days. That’s the number of safe work days we’ve gone without a reportable job related injury.

Recognition for this accomplishment, from the Georgia Department of Labor, helped all of us here at Blackwell’s, Inc., to open our eyes to see just how richly blessed we are to have a group of associates who focus on such strong safety values and our customers who also share that same focus.

But more importantly, we believe in a God who protects each of us when we aren’t as focused as we should be.

Blackwell’s, Inc.
Specialized Industrial Cleaning,
Concrete Coatings and Concrete Repair

CO2ld Tech
Dry Ice (CO2) Blasting

LaGrange, GA


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