Cleaning Electric Motors With Dry Ice Blasting

Some time ago, my wife complained that our new vacuum cleaner would work for a few minutes and then shut off. After a few minutes it would work again . . . and then shut off again. I knew it must be overheating for some reason, but after checking and clearing the hose and roller brush for clogs, only to find nothing, I gave up and took it to a repair shop. The shop found the problem was a hairpin lodged out of sight inside the vacuum that created a clog and caused the vacuum to overheat.

dry ice blasting

Electric motor assembly covered in powdered sugar.

Dirt and contamination cause similar problems for industrial motors.

Dirty electric motors run hotter and use more energy. Inadequate ventilation from blocked cooling fans can result in bearing failures. Shutting down the assembly line to clean equipment can be a killer to an industrial facility’s net income and efficiency.