Blackwell’s Inc. is Still Open for Business Servicing the Industrial Cleaning and Flooring Needs

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While many businesses across our country are closed due to the coronavirus shutdown, Blackwell’s, Inc. is still open and servicing the industrial cleaning and flooring needs at large manufacturing industries.

Thankfully, many manufacturing industries are still producing goods vital to our country. For those manufacturers that are forced to close due to the coronavirus, hopefully it will be a short term impact on them and they can reopen soon.


Manufacturers are accustomed to plant shutdowns for specific and planned maintenance work but the coronavirus forced many unplanned shutdowns. If there is an advantage to being shutdown by the virus, it could be that manufacturers can use the time for servicing equipment, doing needed industrial cleaning, and industrial repairing or replacing industrial floors.

When the coronavirus runs its course and the economy cranks up again, products that may be in short supply should be in high demand. Industries can use the unplanned shutdown as the time for servicing industrial cleaning and flooring needs and other maintenance work. That will help to get them back to manufacturing efficiently.

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