Cleaning With Dry Ice? How Could He Have Known?

It’s believed to have first been observed in 1834 when a French chemist opened a container of liquid carbon dioxide.

By opening the container, the pressure inside was reduced and some of the liquid carbon dioxide vaporized. This caused a very rapid lowering of the temperature of the liquid carbon dioxide remaining in the container.  It got extremely cold!

And what he saw in the container was “dry ice” or frozen carbon dioxide.

He probably had a good idea at the time, that dry ice could be used to keep food cold.  Fast forward about a hundred years and dry ice was being marketed commercially for refrigeration.

But the chemist couldn’t possibly have dreamed that his dry ice could be used for cleaning purposes!

Cleaning with dry ice is a superior cleaning method for equipment and machinery.  This specialized cleaning technology uses frozen dry ice pellets at supersonic speeds to blast away residues from industrial equipment.  The dry ice pellets sublimate back into CO2 gas which leaves nothing to remove from the site but the residue itself.

There’s no water, no sand, and no cleaning solvents to remove.


dry ice blasting, co2 blasting, industrial cleaning
BEFORE picture of polymer manufacturing
machine and contaminants.
Since equipment and machinery can generally be cleaned in-place where it stands, it’s faster, more cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.

How could he have known back in 1834, that one day we’d be cleaning with dry ice?

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