Confined Space Cleaning and Repair of An Acid Tank

mixed acid sludge, Confined Space Cleaning

It’s most likely an undeniable fact — a storage tank will one day need cleaning. And when that storage tank holds mixed acids, the crew called to do the cleaning better have the skills and equipment to do the job.

So “who ya gonna call”?

Originally an episode title from a comedy-drama tv series, “Who Ya Gonna Call” is best known as lyrics in the theme song of “Ghostbusters” and the film of the same name.

When it comes to industrial cleaning and industrial services, Blackwell’s, Inc. has been the one to call. Blackwell’s, Inc. is one of the industrial cleaning companies that has the skills, equipment, and experience to do the job.

Regular facility maintenance inspections

Regular facility maintenance inspections should be an important step in keeping a facility safe and operating efficiently.  Debris and corrosion causing materials can create a sludge like material at the bottoms or clinging to the sides of tanks which eventually will need to be removed.

OSHA certified industrial cleaning crew

Inspections at an aviation facility found the mixed acids storage tank to be near capacity and with a need for repair. An OSHA certified industrial cleaning crew from Blackwell’s, Inc. made confined space entry into the fiberglass tank and used one of our vacuum trucks to remove 13 barrels of sludge and wastewater from the mixed acid tank. The barrels were labeled with completed Hazardous Waste stickers and staged on pallets for removal from the facility.

Cracks in the exterior surface of the 16 in. flange at the top of the tank were inspected by the Blackwell’s Inc. crew after the cleaning. Candling (or using light) determined the flange damage was only to the exterior surface and did not reach through to the interior surface.

Making the repair to the flange

To make the repair to the cracked flange, the Blackwell’s, Inc. crew took these steps:

  1. Created a form to encompass the 16” base of cracked flange at top of tank
  2. The circular form was placed around flange and sealed internally and externally to top of tank with a fast curing, non-sag, elastomeric sealant
  3. The form was filled with an industrial epoxy grout for anchoring heavy equipment
  4. Flange was cleaned, sanded, and cleaned again
  5. Tank exterior and work area was thoroughly cleaned to finish the work

If you have any confined space cleaning or vessel repair needs, give us a call. Blackwell’s, Inc. is located in west Georgia, services industrial facilities in the southeast, and has been in the industrial services work since 1983.

mixed acid tank sludge
Sludge inside a mixed acid tank
flange repair to acid tank
Making repairs to the flange of the mixed acid tank

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