Electrostatic Dissipative and Conductive Flooring Systems

Everyone will agree that technology is growing at an unprecedented pace in the 21st Century, and along with this growth, certain previously unknown problems have arisen.

Partial and catastrophic failures in micro and nano circuitry due to electrostatic discharge on the production line are a relatively recent phenomenon. Electrostatic discharges can create severe issues with the electrical components used in everything from aircraft/aerospace, automobiles, computers, and a variety of other electrical devices that utilize very sensitive electronic circuitry.

A catastrophic failure due to a destroyed circuit is most often discovered in final inspections in quality control tests prior to customer shipments or in an integrated facility, or finished product assembly.  Partial failure of circuitry is not quite so easy to identify and the circuit can possibly pass final inspection because the conditions that would cause the circuit to completely fail are not being simulated within the test environments.  For instance, a partially disintegrated circuit might require conditions of a low temperature and a damp substrate to fail completely and might only fail in such conditions.  This would not be a good thing in Alaska or the Northwest US.

Electrostatic Dissipative Floor Coating Systems and Conductive Floor Coating Systems are just one of many tools used to avoid partial and catastrophic failures due to electrostatic discharges in nano and micro circuitry.  These floor systems dissipate/discharge static electricity through grounding systems already in place in the work area that directly interface with the conductive floor on which employees work, walk, and stand.

Electrostatic Dissipative and Conductive Floor Coating Systems have been used for years in areas where flammable or explosive materials are handled or manufactured, but the use in electronic manufacturing facilities for the protection of electronic circuitry is a relatively new application.

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